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Twisted Trio: May 2024

'Twisted Trio' programme cover

'A Cut In The Rates' by Alan Ayckbourn

When Miss Pickhart visits an illusionist to find out why he's not been paying his rates, she encounters the ghost of his wife Rosalinda who met an untimely death during the 'saw the woman in half' trick. Was it really just an accident or something far more sinister?

'The Fat Lady Sings In Little Grimley' by David Tristram

All is not well for the dwindling members of the Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society – a lawsuit, insolvency and the start of a rival group formed by the director's ex-wife. What will the gang do?

'Joining the Club' by David Tristram

Jenny, a successful career woman, has made a life-changing discovery. Biting the bullet, she decides that tonight is the night to reveal all to her husband, Tom. Unfortunately, it seems that Tom has some startling news of his own...


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A Cut In The Rates Production Team
Mrs Pickhart: Rachel Hall Lighting and Sound: Malcolm Barham and Lee Rix
Woman: Lyn Wiles Set Design and Props: Vince Laws
Ratchet: Vince Laws Prompt: Gill Golding
Rosalinda: Lyn Wiles Bar and Refreshments: members and friends
  Raffle Prizes: Vince Laws, North Norfolk Open Studios
Director: Dorcas Henderson Graphic Design: Emily Buchanan
The Fat Lady Sings In Little Grimley  
Gordon: Gregory Pope  
Margaret: Hannah Jackson  
Joyce: Dorcas Henderson  
Bernard: Dominic Pinkham  
Director: Gregory Pope  
Joining The Club  
Jenny: Hannah Jackson  
Tom: Dominic Pinkham  
Director: Val Pinkham  
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