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Not Now Darling: March 1983

By Ray Cooney and John Chapman

'Not Now Darling' programme cover

Newspaper Review

Players delight audience

Putting on a well-known comedy in a small theatre can be a tricky business, but the Sheringham Players managed to delight the audience on Wednesday week.

Despite first-night nerves at the start, the Ray Cooney and John Chapman play "Not Now Darling" soon developed into its fast-mov­ing farcical intrigue.

The plot was an improba­ble concoction of wives, mistresses. lovers and fur coats set in a fashionable salon in the West End.

David Long played Gilbert Bodley - the man at the centre of the tangled web of deceit - and he gave a fine performance as the smooth-talking man of the world. IJohn Meikle, as Arnold Crouch, was his unwilling partner in crime.

Fiona Croxon as Bodley's somewhat greedy lover was suitably sultry - often adorned in no more than a fur coat - while Joyce Harvey, played by Sue Law­son, played her part as the wet secretary perfectly.

The rest of the cast, in particular Joan Spall, Mike Thame and Peggy Francis, all added their talents to pro­duce a well-finished and highly enjoyable play.

Credit should also go to producer Christopher Lea and to the team responsible for the set and lighting. The play ran until Saturday night.

S. D. H.


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Cast Backstage
Arnold Crouch: John Meikle Producer: Christopher Lea
Miss Whittingham: June Cooper Prompt: Eileen Richardson
Miss Tipdale: Joan Spall Props: Dorothy Williamson
Mrs. Frencham: Pauline Shewell Set: members and friends
Gilbert Bodley: David Long Electrician: John Avery
Commander Frencham: David Bentley  
Harry McMichael: Mike Thame  
Janie McMichael: Fiona Croxton  
Sue Lawson: Joyce Harvey  
Maude Bodley: Peggy Francis  
Mr. Lawson: Graham Shewell  
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