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Charley's Aunt: July 1983

By Brandon Thomas

'Charley's Aunt' programme cover

Charley and Jack love Amy and Kitty. Amy is about to go away, and Charley thinks he may miss his opportunity to ask for her hand.

Then he discovers that his aunt, a Brazilian woman he hardly knows, is coming for lunch. How fortuitous! Now the aunt can chaperone while the boys ask the girls to marry them.

Naturally, things don't go as planned. Donna Lucia, the aunt, is late, and their friend, Lord Fancourt Babberley (Babbs) shows up in drag. He is convinced to pretend to be Donna Lucia, and a wild afternoon of mistaken identity, young love, old love, angry uncles, and one beautiful, exotic aunt ensues.

In the end, just as it looks like Uncle Stephen is going to ruin everything, the real Donna Lucia steps in and graciously puts an end to the madness. All the lovers end up together and happy, except for Uncle Stephen, who was starting to fall for Babbs!


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Cast Backstage
Col. Sir Francis Chesney, Bart.: Gerald Fisher Producer: Peggy Francis
Stephen Spettigue, solicitor: Tom Jump Stage Manager: John Nash
Jack Chesney, undergaduate: Ned Seago Assistants: Terry Cutler, Kees Van Woerkom
Charles Wykeham, undergraduate: Peter Castle Prompt: Eve Turner
Lord Fancourt Babberley, undergraduate: Mike Thame Props: Joan Spall, Pauline Page, Julia Bemrose
Brassett, a college scout: Mac Hambling Theatre Electrician: John Avery
Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez, from Brazil: June Cooper  
Kitty Verdun, Spettigue's Ward: Sue Fisher  
Amy Spettigue, Spettigue's neice: Judy Nash  
Ella Delahay, an orphan: Nicky Ward  
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