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Lord Arthur Savile's Crime: July 1985

By Constance Cox based on the story by Oscar Wilde

'Lord Arthur Savile's Crime' programme cover

Newspaper Review

The quick wit and pace of Oscar Wilde's "Lord Arthur Savile's Crime" was truly borne out in the Sheringham Players production at the Little Theatre.

The group excelled themselves in what could be a tricky play to pull off, and presented a faultless, refreshing performance.

Peter Castle was superb as the elegant, idle, rich Lord Arthur.  His pace, expressions and speech indicated a firm grasp of the character.  He demonstrated energy and poise worthy of a professional actor, and was word-perfect.

Mike Thame was, as usual, the cherry on the cake.  His portrayal of Baines, the quick-witted butler, was entertaining and no less than brilliant.

But a cloud was cast over the performance by the death of one of the Players' leading members, John Nash, Mr. Nash's wife, Judy, was to have taken the leading lady's role of Lord Arthur's fiancée, Sybil Merton.


Sandy Roper stepped in and learned the part in two days.  She produced a word-perfect performance as the sweet but slightly "wet" girl.

Her domineering battle-axe of a mother was played by Eileen Richardson.

The plot was a simple one.  A palmist had told Lord Arthur that he would commit a murder during his life, so Arthur channeled all his energy into carrying out the deed before his wedding.

Peggy Francis was the producer.


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