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How The Other Half Loves: March 1991

By Alan Ayckbourne

'How The Other Half Loves' programme cover

There are three couples in this play, the men all working for the same firm. One of the younger men is having an affair with the wife of the oldest, and when each returns home suspiciously late one night or early one morning they invent a story about having to spend some time smoothing domestic matters in the home of the third couple.

Both living rooms are shown in the single set, and both share a common dining room which takes on a character of its own as it serves two dinners simultaneously on two different nights. Of course, the third couple have to show up to put the fat in the fire, but that complication only adds to the fun of this famous farce.


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Cast Backstage
Frank Foster: Mike Thame Producer: Peggy Francis
Fiona Foster: June Cooper Stage Manager: Kees Van Woerkom
Bob Phillips: Malcolm Poore Props: Coral Batchelor, Sue Holmes
Theresa Phillips: Sandy Roper Prompt: Joyce Harvey
William Featherstone: David Gooch Lighting: Nick Ivkovic
Mary Featherstone: Joan Spall Photographs: Ben Britton
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