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Quartermaine's Terms: April 1993

By Simon Gray

'Quartermaine's Terms' programme cover

Set in the 1960s this tragicomic play features St. John Quartermaine, a pleasant and agreeable but hopeless teacher in an English Language school for foreigners.

Part of the furniture, he can often be found in the staff room and is treated as the resident agony uncle for his self-obsessed colleagues.

Mark has marriage trouble; Derek, from Hull, finds Cambridge initially unwelcoming; Eddie faces bereavement; Anita’s husband is a philanderer; Henry is trapped in a dysfunctional nuclear family and Melanie is similarly trapped caring for a mother who she despises.

An ultimately moving account of several years in the lives of seven teachers, this quintessentially British drama sees Quartermaine's position in the school threatened by a new school Principal...


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Cast Backstage
St. John Quartermaine: Kees Van Woerkom Producer: Peggy Francis
Anita Manchip: Mandy Seybold Stage Manager: Joan Spall
Mark Sackling: Tim Travers Prompt: David Gooch
Eddie Loomis: Mike Hammond Props: Coral Batchelor / Pauline Page
Derek Meadle: Paul Clarke  
Henry Windscape: Neil Batchelor  
Melanie Garth: Joyce Harvey  
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