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Last Of The Red Hot Lovers: April 2001

By Bob Larbey

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After 33 years of marriage, Barney Cashman gets to wondering what he may have been missing. He decides to try a little seduction. Not being adventurous, he uses his mother's apartment to meet a customer from his fish restaurant. With two hours before mother returns, and armed with a bottle of scotch and two tumblers he prepares to charm Elaine.

But charm takes too long for Elaine. She craves, two things - a cigarette and passion, and poor old Barney cannot comeup with either. Barney is not defeated by failure. He meets Bobbi, a cuddly, bubbly, chatty but seriously psychotic hippy. He tries again, same venue, same glasses - but no more luck.

Could it be third time lucky with Jeanette? The play is set in New York. Neil Simon's humour is universal and his slick one-liners aid comic action are played to perfection by an experienced cast, even though they are rather economical with their American accents.

Jennifer Stevens plays Elaine with superb timing and delivery. Mandy Seybold as hippy Bobbi and Libby Henshaw as far-from-happy Jeanette are both excellent. The play is held together by a marathon performance from Colin Prentice as Barney who he plays with style and vigour.

It is another success for the Players and for Susan Knights and Peggy Francis who stage the play, which runs until Saturday.

Ted Walker


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Cast Backstage
Barney Cashman: Colin Prentice Producers: Susan Knights, Peggy Francis
Elaine Navazio: Jennifer Stevens  
Jeanette Fisher: Libby Henshaw  
Bobbi Michele: Mandy Seybold  
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