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I'll Get My Man: June 2011

By Philip King

'I'll Get My Man' programme cover

Peter Graham, T.V. series hero, seeks refuge at the country rectory with his mild clerical Uncle Humphrey from all the females who continually chase after him, and in particular from Pixie Potter. Humphrey, horrified by the threatened loss of his housekeeper who has been dismissed by his formidable sister, advertises for a wife but absentmindedly omits the important word "marriage." These two occurrences resoundingly shatter the peace of the village. Answers to the ad pour in. The arrival of the dignified Bishop of Lax adds to the confusion. Peter finds the vicarage no refuge from Pixie Potter and even more hectic than the outside world.


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Cast (in order of appearance) Backstage
The Rev. Arthur Humphrey: Graham Blyth Directors / Producers: Joan Spall, June Cooper
Mrs. Carter: Sarah Westlake Stage Manager: David Williams
Harriette Humphrey: Jane Hodson Assistant Stage Manager: Brenda Williams
Winifred Barrington-Locke: Angie Maddigan Props: Helen Sawyer
Peter "Venture Man" Graham: Tim Travers Prompt: Joyce Harvey
A Photographer: Julian High Set and Design: Kees Van Woerkom
Josephine Brissac: Bernie Alexandrou Photographs: Ben Britton
Pixie "I'll get my man" Potter: Jo Kirk Poster and Programme: June Cooper, Greg Pope
The Bishop of Lax: David Bull  
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