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In At The Deep End: June 2012

By Derek Benfield

'Ghost Writer' programme cover

The play sees Gerald Corby, a wealthy builder, arriving at the venue in search of peace and tranquillity only to discover he has been followed by three women, each with their own agenda, whether it be love, lust or suspicion.

Throw in a cheeky window cleaner with an eye for the girls and the mayhem and merriment begin at a place where the owner takes pride in the high standards of decency and decorum.

The resulting misunderstandings and confusions prove more than a headache for the hapless boss as he struggles desperately to keep the moral standards of his establishment intact.


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Cast (in order of appearance) Backstage
Gerald: Graham Blyth Directors Producers: Bernice Escott, June Cooper
Rodney: Matthew Warrington Stage Manager: Matthew Nobbs
Potter: Tim Travers Set and Design: David Moore
Linda: Hazel Warrington Props: Joan Spall
Sandra: Laura Williamson Prompt: June Cooper
Marion: Sarah Westlake Costumes: Libby Henshaw
  Publicity: Libby Henshaw
  Photos: Ben Britton
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