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Flying Feathers: June 2015

By Derek Benfield

'Flying Feathers' programme cover

When Chief Constable Henry Potterton and his sister arrive at the peaceful country house of their late, lamented brother Bernard, they are astonished to find several scantily clad ladies wandering about.

During Bernard's visit to a religious commune, his housekeeper turned the place into a "house of sin" and now she hastily tries to hide the truth.

This leads to hilarious comings and goings, and when Bernard turns up alive, the household is thrown into further chaos.


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Cast (in order of appearance) Backstage
Sarah Potterton: Helen Simmons Director: Tim Travers
Henry Potterton: Graham Blyth Assistant Director: Shai Ashkenazi
Polly: Suzanne Challinor Stage Manager: Guy Bartle
Debbie: Laura Wakefield Assistant Stage Manager: Amy Knight
Nora Winthrop: Sue Bignell Props: Amy Knight
Sally: Rosie Gilding Prompt: Hazel Randall
Jackie: Fiona Cross Set and Design: Kees Van Woerkom
Roger Featherstone: Matthew Warrington Lighting: Matt Coomber
Mr. Tunnicliffe: Greg Pope Photographs: Ben Britton
The Window Cleaner: Chris Balding Publicity: Derek Welch
  Poster and Programme: James Travers
  Dresser: Harry Gilding-Hewitt
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