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The Amorous Prawn: June 1977

By Anthony Kimmins

'The Amorous Prawn' programme cover

This British light comedy tells the story of the wife of an Army General. Having fallen upon hard times, she hits upon a scheme to raise some quick cash.

She opens her husband's highland headquarters to visiting salmon fishermen, a circumstance that displeases the General when several of those anglers turn out to be handsome young men...


Scroll down for cast and crew.

Cast Backstage
Corporal Sydney Green: John Meikle Producer: June Cooper
Private Biddy O'Hara WRAC: Lynette Love Stage Manager: Ned Seago
Private Suzie Tidmarsh WRAC: Gail McKail Assistant Stage Manager: Judie Gould
Lady Fitzadam: Pauline Shewell Assistant: Lissie Bentley
Major-General Sir Hamish Fitzadam KBE CB DSO: Hugh Shewell Electrician: John Avery
Private Albert Huggins: Eric Swift  
Private Willie Maltravers: David Bentley  
Sam Goulansky: Ray Murton  
Larry Hoffman: Michael Crowe  
The Prawn: Tom Jump  
Uncle Joe: Ned Seago  
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