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Darling I'm Home: March 1990

By Jack Popplewell

'Darling I'm Home' programme cover

Celia Johns grows more and more frustrated with staying at home and husband Rupert proves more and more inefficient as a business man - so the obvious conclusion is that they change places!

Soon Celia is making huge profits for Rupert's company and he is running the house with equal efficiency. Problems only arise when daughter Karen turns up with two babies and no husband.


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Cast Backstage
Rupert Johns: Neil Batchelor Producer: Coral Batchelor
Celia Johns, his wife: Sandy Roper Stage Manager: Bryan Pigott
Karen Johns, their daughter: Julie Thompson Prompt: Peggy Francis
Robin Nightingale: Paul Clarke Props: Pauline Page
Inga Peterson: Angelique Van Woerkom Theatre Electrician: Nick Ivkovic
Barry Bingley-Brown: Ben Britton  
Rodney Billingham: Craig Rouse  
Janet: Joyce Harvey  
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