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Beginners Please!: March 2014

'Beginners Please!' programme cover

Featuring both comedy and tragedy from the pens of:

Harold Pinter (Night)

David Tristram (Joining The Club, What's For Pudding?)

Jean McConnell (Shoppers, Late Frost, Doggies, Dancers)

James Saunders (A Man's Best Friend)

Lyndon Brook (Score)

Hazel Warrington (Wife And Mistress)


Scroll down for radio interview, photos, cast and crew.

BBC Radio Norfolk Radio Interview 3rd March 2014

Tim Travers and Matt Warrington on the Stephen Bumfrey Show

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Shoppers Joining The Club
Rosemary: Robin Spruce Jenny: Fiona Cross
Angela: Helen Simmons Tom: Dominic Pinkham
Director: Suzanne Challinor Director: Helen Simmons
A Man's Best Friend Wife And Mistress
Bride: Chloe Annison Wife: Helen Simmons
Groom: Chris Balding Mistress: Rosie Gilding
Director: Bernice Escott Director: Hazel Warrington
Score Dancers
Sheila: Laurie Thomsett Winn: Margaret Yarham
Harry: Tim Travers Betty: Paula Hutchins
Director: John Meikle Director: Hazel Warrington
Night Late Frost
Man: John Standish Kate: Bernie Alexandrou
Woman: Joan Spall Pamela: Miriam Welch
Director: John Meikle Director: Greg Pope
Doggies What's For Pudding?
Thelma: Vicky Harvey-Seldon Jack: Matthew Warrington
Eleanor: Suzanne Challinor Mary: Vicky Harvey-Seldon
  Maureen: Jo Kirk
Director: Matthew Warrington Ted: Guy Bartle
  Dennis: John Meikle
Compère for the evening: David Bull Director: Tim Travers
Production Team  
Stage Manager: Guy Bartle  
Assistant Stage Manager: Derek Welch  
Props: Mary Granville-White  
Assistant props / backstage: Janice Defraine-Moss  
Runner: Shai Ashkenazi  
Publicity: Kay Jones  
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