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Murder Mistaken: November 1981

By Janet Green

'Murder Mistaken' programme cover

Newspaper Review

Sheringham's 'Murder Mistaken'

A misunderstanding over a will leads to a tragic blunder when a young man murders his wealthy older wife and then finds out he has not been left all her money.

It is the sort of plot which is the bread and butter of amateur drama and one which is gobbled up greedily by the Sheringham Players in Janet Green's "Murder Mistaken” at the Little Theatre, Sheringham, at the weekend.

Pauline Shewell, as the victim, Monica uses excellent expression of the voice and face to overcome restrictions caused by spending nearly all her time on stage in an easy chair.

Ned Seago plays her husband Edward, probably the most demanding role as it requires a shift in character from a confident con-man to a gibbering psychopath.

The most natural performance comes from Joan Spall who plays rich retired pub landlady Freda Jefferies with great ease and confidence.

Emmie, Monica's naive and elderly maid, is well played by Dorothy Williams, who adds a little lightness and humour; Phillip Mortimer, the solicitor who indulges in verbal duelling with Edward, is played by Gerald Fisher, while Judy Nash is Charlotte Young, a wealthy young woman who looks like being Edward's next victim.

The play was produced by Peggy Francis.



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Cast (in order of appearance) Backstage
Monica Bare: Pauline Shewell Producer: Peggy Francis
Emmie: Dorothy Williams Set Construction: members of the Players
Phillp Mortimer: Gerald Fisher Stage Management: Pauline Page, Lissie Bentley,
Edward Bare: Ned Seago Freda Hunter, Eve Turner
Freda Jeffries: Joan Spall Theatre Electrician: John Avery
Charlotte Young: Judy Nash  
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