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The House Of Jeffreys: October 1966

By Russell Thorndike

'Good Night Mrs. Puffin' programme cover

The heir of a publishing house, Georgina Jeffreys, returns home after many years abroad doing missionary work. She brings with her a manservant named Sabbath, who has been converted to Christianity.

But Georgina has fallen once again under the spell of a portrait hanging in the House of Jeffreys. Murder ensues.


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Cast (in order of appearance) Backstage
Ethel Fordyce: Catherine Gould Producer: John Palmer
Jacquelyn Fordyce: Eve Turner Stage Manager: Albert Cooper
Pamela Fordyce: Jondy Bell Stage Assistant: Judie Gould, Susanne Mcbain Smith
Nicholas Fordyce: Martin Braybrook Lighting and Sound Effects: Philip Handford-Rice, John Avery
Annie: Helen Martin Set Designer: Albert Cooper
Amelia Puffin : June Wade-Cooper  
Henry Fordyce: John Palmer  
Stephen Parker: Hugh Shewell  
Victor Parker: John Meikle  
Roger Vincent: Tom Jump  
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