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Danger Inside: November 1967

By Falkland L. Carey and Ivan Butler

'Danger Inside' programme cover

"The Marsh Inn" is run by Mrs Grayson and her grandson York. Among the guests are Louis Westcott - a frail young man who turns out to be a drug addict and Una Debrek, a research scientist.

Una and Louis are in cahoots together to smuggle radioactive material out of the country. When Louis loses his sight due to the drugs he has been taking - York, who has discovered what is going on - sees an opportunity to get hold of money. Una persuades him to murder Louis and take his place.

W. D.


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Cast (in order of appearance) Backstage
Mrs. Grayson: Catherine Gould Producer: June Cooper
Marjorie Rigby: Jondy Bell Stage Manager: Albert Cooper
York Grayson: Geoff Pickles Stage Assistant: Judie Gould
Louis Westcott: John Meikle Lighting and Sound Effects: Philip Handford-Rice, John Avery
Una Debrak: Diana Pickles Set Designer: Albert Cooper
Ethel Vining: June Cooper  
Colonel Dyke: George Edwards  
Miss Sparling: Frances Bethell  
Dr. Joan Hewitson: Mary Chapman  
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