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Practice Makes Perfect: March 2016

'Practice Makes Perfect' programme cover

'Is There Anybody There?' by Lee Flewitt

Set In Late Victorian London, Mrs Carrington, a blind clairvoyant, deceives her gullible customers with secret machinery. Tonight, however, when one of the party is possessed by the spirit of a murdered girl it is for real. Any of those present could be suspect. Who is the killer? The doors are locked, time stands still, and there are footsteps approaching.

'Cindy and Julie' by Bruce Kane

A short sketch. Two women sit nervously in a waiting room, arguing and commiserating about the clichés of romantic love and their broken marriages.

'Bang! You're Dead!' by Paul Reakes

Lydia and her boyfriend Marcus rehearse the murder of Theo, Lydia's husband, which they are to commit that evening. When the victim and "perfect witness" arrive all goes according to plan except that the wrong person ends up dead. A ghastly mistake - or are there some deviations from the original plot?


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Is There Anybody There? Cindy And Julie
Mrs. Carrington: Miriam Welch Cinderella: Suzanne Challinor
Mary: Rosie Gilding Juliet: Rosie Gilding
Hopkins: Matthew Warrington Young Girl: Amy Knight
Lady Gilbert: Margaret Yarham  
Lord Gilbert: John Standish Director: Helen Simmons
Dr. Wilson: David Bull  
Miss Reid: Amy Knight  
Captain Patterson: Dominic Pinkham  
Director: Hazell Randall  
Prompt: Jennifer Standish  
Bang! You're Dead! Production Team
Lydia Spink: Hazel Randall Stage Manager: Derek Welch
Marcus Harwood: Dominic Pinkham Assistant Stage Manager: Guy Bartle
Amelia Trim: Imogen Bruce Backstage: Suzanne Challinor, Phoebe Challinor
Theo Spink: Tim Travers Technician: Jonathan Emery
  Set Design: Kees Van Woerkom
Director: Tim Travers Set Construction: David Moore, Tim Travers
Prompt: Rosie Gilding Costumes: Sheringham Community Wardrobe
  Publicity: Derek Welch
  Poster and Programme: James Travers
  Publicity photos: Ben Britton
  On-stage photos: Sue Bignell
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