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The Rats / Without Portfolio: February 1974

'The Rats / Without Portfolio' programme cover

The Rats by Agatha Christie

Invited to a party in a London flat, Sandra Grey and David Forrester find themselves alone. Somebody knows about their affair and somebody has locked them in...

Without Portfolio by Derek Wellman

The Parliamentary Private Secretary has picked up the wrong briefcase. Someone else has his and it contains Government secret papers.


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The Rats Without Portfolio
Sandra Grey: Sandy Kastner Gwen Davies: Gail McKail
Jennifer Brice: Sheila Meen Miss Dockett: Pauline Shewell
David Forrester: Ken Wardle Miss Clarke: Catherine Gould
Alec Hanbury: Chris Lea Chris Fryer: John Meikle
  Mrs. Cockell: Dorothy Swift
Producer: Frances Bethell Farraday: Fred Leonard
  Two Senior Officials: Eric Swift, Ron Lea
Backstage Team  
Stage Manager: Ron Lea Producer: June Cooper
Assistants: Don Grand, Eric Swift, Nan Moore  
Lighting and Sound Effects: John Avery  
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