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Home: November 1983

By David Storey

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Newspaper Review

Naturals' acting just like mardle

Sheringham Players have taken a David Storey play, "Home" which has all the ingredients of being depressing and serious, and transformed it into a highly amus¬ing and well-executed play.

The action centres on a terrace, and John Meikle is the first on stage, having several minutes of silence which could have been hurried by actors of lesser talent.

He is joined by Peter Castle in what appears to be a duologue between two old men, each reminiscing about their past.

In skill there is no dividing the two. They are naturals. It is hard to imagine they are not two people having an everyday conversation. The only detection that they are acting is the occa-sional stumbling over the words, few in comparison to the many spoken

It is not until they are joined by Peggy Francis and Joan Spall that the audience is given any indica¬tion the action is in a home of some sort.

Again, both are flawless. Joan Spall is remembered for her oohs, her catching laugh and sore feet, while Peggy Francis has some memorable lines.

When Ned Seago, also the direc¬tor, joins the cast, the audience is made aware that it is a mental home. Although his monosyllabic "No" and "Yes" are no indication of his talent, he was certainly convincing as a man with "part of his brain removed."

The final performance at the Little Theatre is tonight.

S. D. H.


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