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A Mixed Trio: November 2012

'A Mixed Trio' programme cover

A Separate Peace by John Knowles

A sly, gentle dig at society's conventions and preconceptions. John Brown arrives at a country nursing home with a case of money expecting hotel-style service. He's a kind of dropout bound to puzzle a profession geared to treating the sick. He's not physically ill and apparently not mentally so. He settles into the routine and cocoon-like security. Everyone speculates as to his identity. Maggie, his favorite nurse, learns enough so they're able to locate his relatives who come for him. She feels guilty, but he says he doesn't blame her. He tells her it would have been right if he was really sick- and if he'd have wanted his relatives he would have found them.

The Burbot by Anton Chekhov, trans. Harvey Pitcher

A short play exploring the relationship between the upper and lower classes.

The Fat Lady Sings In Little Grimley by David Tristram

Gordon, Margaret, Joyce and Bernard tackle a threat to their performing survival - this time in the shape of a rival am-dram, newly-formed in their village, determined to upstage them with an award-winning musical. They pull together to devise an ingenious military-style plan that doesn't go quite to plan. When their subterfuge is discovered by the rival society's front-of-house manager, he's none too pleased. Add in a few emotional complications for Gordon, and things look a little grim for Little Grimley. Could this be the end of their society?


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A Separate Peace The Fat Lady Sings In Little Grimley
Maggie: Imogen Bruce Gordon: Tim Travers
Mr. Brown: Graham Blyth Bernard: Matthew Warrington
Doctor: John Meikle Margaret: Helen Simmons
Matron: June Cooper Joyce: Brenda Williams
Nurse: Brenda Williams  
  Director: June Cooper
Director: David Bull Prompt: Helen Sawyer
Prompt: Hazel Warrington  
The Burbot Backstage
BBC Announcer: Julian High Props and Furnishings: Kees Van Woerkom
Storyteller: Greg Pope Costumes: Libby Henshaw
Jacob: Nigel Manson Publicity Photos: Ben Britton
Ezra: Tim Travers  
Arthur: John Meikle  
Master: Matthew Warrington  
Henry: Greg Pope  
Director: Greg Pope  
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