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Post Horn Gallop: April 1976

By Derek Benfield

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Newspaper review

Farce in the best tradition

Eric Swift's production of "Post Horn Gallop", a farce by Derek Benfield, was a huge success at the Little Theatre, Sheringham, on Wednesday. Many of the large audience were doubled up with laughter as the play raced along.

This was another polished performance by the Sheringham Players, with each of the cast playing a vital role in the production.

Chris Lea played Chester Dreadnought, a part for which he seemed naturally suited. He showed a real understanding of the writer's intentions - perhaps due to the influence of the producer - and brought the very best out of the script.

Miss Partridge was a masterpiece of casting and acting, with June Cooper giving such a convincing performance of an elderly, but energetic spinster historian, that it was hard to imagine her as otherwise off-stage.


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