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The Understanding: March 1987

By Angela Hutch

'The Understanding' programme cover

Newspaper Review

Players in emotional turmoil.

Secret love, jealousy, lost opportunities and infatuation create an uncomfortable cocktail of emotions in "The Understanding", staged by Sheringham Players.

Three vastly different sisters - fusspot hypochondriac Eva, glamorous spinster Acton and witty but straight-laced Lydia - share their never-changing lives in a dusty London house with Eva's reticent husband Leonard.

But their world is turned upside down by the sudden arrival of the young, frank and artistic new housemaid, Kate, who is a constant reminder to the doddery Leonard of his long-standing and secret love for sister-in-law Acton.

This Angela Hutch play provided an ambitious but nevertheless enjoyable production at Sheringham Little Theatre and included dedicated performances from bubbly Lesley Bates as Kate, Peggy Francis as a marvelously radiant and beautiful Acton, Sheila Roberts as pessimistic Lydia and Sue Pointer as sickly Eva, whose life and marriage never quite get the tonic they need.

The performance by Dutch-born Kees Van Woerkam as bumbling Leonard, reflected obvious hard work and effort in yet another demanding role.

The producer of "The Understanding", which ran from Thursday until Saturday, was Joan Spall.



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Cast (in order of appearance) Backstage
Lydia: Sheila Roberts Producer: Joan Spall
Eva: Sue Pointer Stage Manager: Duncan MacMillan
Acton: Peggy Francis Assistants: Coral Batchelor, Sandy Roper
Leonard: Kees Van Woerkom Prompt: Jan MacMillan
Kate: Leslie Bates Theatre Electrician: John Avery
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