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Pools Paradise: June 1979

By Philip King

'Pools Paradise' programme cover

Zany, madcap events transpire at the Reverend Lionel Toop's vicarage in Merton cum Middlewick. The plot revolves around Lionel's wife, Penelope, who dabbles in a football pool with the help of their maid, Ida, and Ida's suitor, the droll Willie Briggs.

The most fantastic complications ensue when the triumvirate wins, or when they think they have won more than £20,000. Lending richly comic hands are the old maid parishioner, Miss Skillon, and Penelope's out of this world uncle, The Bishop of Lax.

What happens when these assorted characters all get together on one stage has to be seen to be believed.


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Cast (in order of appearance) Backstage
Penelope Nash: Judy Nash Producer: Chris Lea
Ida, the maid: Sandy Roper Stage Manager and Set Design: Ned Seago
Rev. Lionel Toop, Penelope's husband: Ned Seago Assistants: Judie Gould, Keith Herbert,
Miss Skillon: June Cooper Brian Greenhalgh, Peggy Francis
Willie Briggs: George Edwards Electrician: John Avery
Rev. Arthur Humphrey: Ray Murton  
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