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A Cuckoo In The Nest: June 1981

By Ben Travers

'A Cuckoo In The Nest' programme cover

Newspaper review

A happy conclusion at Little Theatre

Sheringham Players show just how wrong one can be in jumping to conclusions with their production this week "A Cuckoo In The Nest" at Sheringham's Little Theatre.

Mrs. Bone (Peggy Francis) seems set to convince her daughter Barbara (Pauline Page) that her husband has been unfaithful. John Nash, as her husband, Peter Wykeham, conveys perfectly the dry humour of a man with mother-in-law problems.

His innocent night spent in the bedroom of Mrs. Marguerite Hickett (Sandy Roper) can only lead to an embarrassing situation when the audience wonders if Barbara will ever find out the truth.


Meanwhile, John Meikle plays the humorous but henpecked Major George Bone, who cannot get a word in edgeways when his wife or daughter are about.

Adding to the confusion are the Rev. Cathcart Sloley-Jones (Hugh Shewell), complete with overalls, checked cap, bicycle clips and dog collar, and Mrs. Stoker (Dot Swift), the interfering landlady.

Alfred (Ned Seago) and Gladys (Sue Dickens), the barman and maid at the pub where most of the action takes place, play most convincingly a couple of half-witted yokels.

"A Cuckoo In The Nest" runs until Saturday and is produced by June Cooper.



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Cast (in order of appearance) Backstage
Rawlins, maid at the Wykeham's flat: Karen Cross Producer: June Cooper
Mrs. Bone: Peggy Francis Assistant Producer: George Edwards
Major George Bone: John Meikle Set Design: June Cooper
Barbara Wykeham: Pauline Page Set Construction: members of the Players
Gladys, maid at the Stag and Hunt: Sue Dickens Stage Manager: Karen Cross
Arthur, barman at the Stag and Hunt: Ned Seago Assistant Stage Manager: Eve Turner
Marguerite Hickett: Sandy Roper Wardrobe: Barbara Meikle
Bertie: Bertie Cooper Electrician: John Avery
Peter Wykeham: John Nash  
Noony, a villager: George Edwards  
Mrs. Spoker, landlady of the Stag and Hunt: Dot Swift  
Rev. Cathcart Sloley-Jones: Hugh Shewell  
Claude Hickett M.P.: Tom Jyump  
Chauffeur: Eric Swift  
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