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Up Pompeii: June 2016

By Miles Tredinnick

'Up Pompeii' programme cover

Based on the original characters devised by Talbot Rothwell and Sid Colin for the Frankie Howerd BBC comedy, this hilarious romp through ancient Pompeii brings back all the television favourites in this full-length play seen on a national tour in 2011 starring Damian Williams as Lurcio, Senator Ludicrus Sextus’s slave.

As Lurcio attempts to deliver his prologue and begin proceedings, he’s quickly caught up in the myriad of sexual liaisons in all quarters of his master’s house. Why does Ludicrus not leave for the Senate meeting in Rome? Why does his wife return so quickly from the country? Who will take care of the escaped slave girl, Voluptua, and will Nausius’s love poetry improve? Whilst growing chaos ensues, an increasing rumbling is heard in the distance – what could that possibly be? A riot from start to finish.


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Cast (in order of appearance) Backstage
Corneous: Dominic Pinkham Directors: Hazel Randall, Tim Travers
Ammonia: Helen Simmons Stage Manager: Derek Welch
Ludicrus Sextus: Graham Blyth ASM: Miriam Welch, Imogen Bruce
Erotica: Amy Knight Prompt: Sue Bignell
Lurcio: Tim Travers Costumes: Helen Simmons
Senna: Suzanne Challinor Set: Kees Van Woerkom
Voluptua: Laura Williamson Props: The Company
Captain Treacherus: Frank Bruce Lighting and effects: Jonathan Emery
Kretinus: John Meikle Publicity: Derek Welch
Nausius: Tom Denny Programme and posters: James Travers
Suspenda: Laura Wakefield Publicity photos: Ben Britton
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