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A list of all past Sheringham Players productions

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2018 March Play On
2017 November The Vicar of Dibley - The Second Coming
June The Weekend
March The Play's The Thing
2016 November The Great Escape... From A Residential Home
June Up Pompeii
March Practice Makes Perfect
2015 November And Evermore Shall Be So
June Flying Feathers
March Ménage à Trois
2014 November 40 Years On
June 50th Anniversary - On The Razzle
March Beginners Please!
2013 November The Unexpected Guest
June Ghost Writer
2012 November A Mixed Trio
June In At The Deep End
March Miranda
2011 November Caramba's Revenge
June I'll Get My Man
March Why Me?
2010 November Chekhov's Comic Twists
June One O'Clock from the House
April Steaming
2009 October Kindertransport
June 'Allo' 'Allo'
April The Killing of Sister George
2008 October Cemetery Club
June Play On
April Absent Friends
2007 October Brimstone and Treacle
June Make Way for Lucia
April The Weekend
2006 October Shadowlands
June Wild Goose Chase
April Breath of Spring
2005 October And Then There Were None
June Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
April Trivial Pursuits
2004 November 40th Anniversary - A Christmas Carol
October Talking Heads
June A Tomb with a View
April The Entertainer
2003 October Sandcastles
June Who Goes Bare
April The Turn of the Screw
2002 October Gaslight
June Surprise Package
April 100th Production: Confusions
2001 October 84 Charing Cross Road
June A Chorus of Disapproval
April Last of the Red Hot Lovers
2000 October Born in the Gardens
June Tiptoe Through The Tombstones
April Fish out of Water
1999 October Blue Remembered Hills / A Lady of Letters
June Don't Dress For Dinner
April Caramba's Revenge
1998 November The Haunting of Hill House
June See How They Run
April The Old Country
1997 October The Magistrate
June Caught On The Hop / Last Scene Of All
April Blue Remembered Hills / A Lady of Letters
1996 October Confusions
June Why Me?
April And The There Were None
1995 November Absurd Person Singular
June When We Are Married
April Pen Friends
1994 November Once A Catholic
June The Norman Conquests
March On The Razzle
1993 November Miranda
July Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
April Quartermaine's Terms
1992 October Lettice and Lovage
June Man Alive
March Just The Ticket
1991 October The Murder Game
June Tons of Money
March How the Other Half Loves
1990 November The Killing of Sister George
June Scapino!
March Darling, I'm Home
1989 October Cuckoo
June Lucky For Some!
April The Noble Spaniard
1988 October Pack of Lies
July Surprise Package
March Outside Edge
1987 October Seasons Greetings
July Panic Stations
March The Understanding
1986 November The Dresser
July The Brides of March
April The House by the Lake
1985 October 50th Production: Here We Come Gathering
July Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
April The Chalk Garden
1984 October The Full Treatment
July Wild Goose Chase
April Something to Hide
1983 November Home
July Charley's Aunt
March Not Now Darling
1982 November The Anniversary
June A Funny Kind of Day
March On Monday Next
1981 November Murder Mistaken
June A Cuckoo in the Nest
March Small Hotel
1980 November Relative Values
June Friends and Neighbours
March Brush with a Body
1979 October Flowers of Sulphur
June Pools Paradise
March No Time for Figleaves
1978 November Mystery at Blackwater
June Cat on the Fiddle
1977 October Photo Finish
June The Amorous Prawn
March Hot and Cold in all Rooms
1976 December Deadly Record
June Farewell, Farewell Eugene
April Post Horn Gallop
1975 October Rain
June When we are Married
1974 November Man Alive
May Halfway up the Tree
February The Rats / Without Portfolio
1973 November This Happy Breed
March Strike Happy
1972 November A Murder has been Arranged
May For Better, For Worse
1971 November Murder at Quay Cottage
May As Long As They're Happy
1970 October The Peaceful Inn
May Fish out of Water
1969 March Breath of Spring
1968 May Rock-a-Bye Sailor
1967 November Danger Inside
June Goodnight Mrs Puffin
1966 October The House of Jeffreys
May Beside the Seaside
1965 June Pools Paradise
1964 June Blithe Spirit
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