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Brush With A Body: March 1980

By Maurice McLoughlin

'Brush With A Body' programme cover

In Sybil Walling's absence her children call in the chimney-sweep, whose brushes dislodge not only soot but a body. When Sybil returns she tells them that, just before he died twenty years ago, their father had killed a Soho gangster and had hidden the body in the chimney.

The police descend in pursuit of an amorous patient of Sybil's son Henry, which leads to hilarious misunderstandings and surprises.


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Cast Backstage
Sarah Walling: Judy Nash Producer: John Meikle
Cynthia Walling, her sister: Pauline Page Stage Manager and Set Design: Ned Seago
Mr. Flaherty, an Irish chimney sweep: Ned Seago Assistants: Frances Bethell, Sue Potter, Eve Turner
Mrs. D'Arcy, the Wallings' houskeeper: Dorothy Williams Electrician: John Avery
Henry Walling: The brother  
Paul Martell, a young actor: Mike Crowe  
Sybil Walling, the mother: Pauline Shewell  
Rosita Hernandez: Sue Dickins  
Detective Inspector Hardy: David Bentley  
Sergeant Bray: John Williams  
The Hon. Pamela Colefax, Henry's fiancee: Gillian Baker  
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