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Ghost Writer: June 2013

By David Tristram

'Ghost Writer' programme cover

At the last night party of a production of Hamlet is one Edward Pinfold, a promising young playwright, and husband of the talented but tempestuous actress Ruby, who had played Ophelia.

Tragically, that very night, Ruby - a renowned reveller with a reputation for burning the candle at all three ends - is found dead in bed. An overdose of naughty pills and booze. The theatre world goes into a state of mourning that barely lasts into the afternoon.

One year later, however, Edward remains deeply affected. Unable to face the emotional torment of living in the house he shared with Ruby, he has moved into the attic room of one of his oldest actor friends, Alex.


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Cast Backstage
Edward: Matthew Warrington Producer / Director: Hazel Warrington
Alex: Tim Travers Stage Manager: Guy Bartle
Ruby: Laura Williamson Assistant Stage Manager: David Bull
Glenda: Suzanne Challinor Props: Janet Lawrence
Frances: Helen Simmons Prompt: Brenda Williams
Hedley: John Standish Set and Design: Kees Van Woerkom
  Technician: Matt Coomber
  Publicity: Kay Jones, Nick Jones, John Jones
  Poster Designs: Matthew Warrington
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