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Ménage à Trois: March 2015

'Ménage à Trois' programme cover

Who Calls? by David Campton

A one-act play with an all-female cast, set at the turn of the 19th - 20th century. The mistress of the house is laid out in her room, declared dead by the doctor. Her considerable wealth of jewellery is accounted for and locked safely away. The household retainers are gathered together in the kitchen... so who's ringing the call bell?

Norfolk Police Interceptors by Guy Bartle, Tim Travers and Matthew Warrington

A short sketch. A crack patrol team fight serious crime on the mean country lanes of North Norfolk!

"...the funniest thing I have seen or heard for a long while. My wife could hardly control me."
Tim N,

Little Grimley Presents Strictly Sex Factor (On Ice) by David Tristram

Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society are on the ropes again, confounded by the Saturday night television schedules. Will chairman Gordon's latest wheeze rescue them once more?


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Who Calls? Norfolk Police Interceptors
Mrs. Abernethy: Ruth Elliott Narrator: Dominic Pinkham
Lane: Margaret Yarham Inspector Crossley: Helen Simmons
Cook: Thelma Torr Sgt. Graveling: John Meikle
Twilley: Chloe Annison PC Bumphrey: Laura Williamson
Mrs. Boone: Laurie Thomsett Stevenson: Janice Defraine-Moss
  Petrol Station Attendant: Derek Welch
  Arthur: Guy Bartle
Director: Tim Travers  
Assistant Director: Shai Ashkenazi Director: Guy Bartle
Prompt: Hazel Randall Assistant Director: Matthew Warrington
  Prompt: Hazel Randall
  Props: Chris Balding
Strictly Sex Factor (On Ice) Production Team
Margaret: Fiona Cross Stage Manager: Derek Welch
Joyce: Miriam Welch Assistant Stage Manager: Amy Knight
Bernard: Matthew Warrington Technician: John Emery
Gordon: David Bull Set: Kees Van Woerkom
  Costumes: Sheringham Community Wardrobe
Director: Hazel Randall Publicity: Ruth Elliott
Prompt: Sue Bignell Poster and Programme: James Travers
Props: Amy Knight  
  Also appearing:
  Suzanne Challinor
  Damien Norvegicus
  Amy Knight
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