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Play On: March 2018

'Play On' programme cover

'Happy Birthday Me' by Simon Williams

"It's my birthday. All I wanted was a bottle of Claret and a couple of winners at Sandown." Instead, retired actress Margot Buchanan receives three separate visitors: her ex-husband Leo, an ageing film star fresh from a punch-up with a reporter, Leo's current wife Judy, and his latest mistress Sadie, an aspiring Juliet seeking Margot's acting advice. Just as the inevitable fireworks kick off, Leo suffers a fatal heart attack. Then the kissogram shows up...

'Last Panto in Little Grimley' by David Tristram

In memory of Brenda Williams, a stalwart of Sheringham Players, who had so much fun playing 'Joyce' in The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley.

Set in Little Grimley Village Hall, late 1980s. The tour de force that is the Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society have another meeting to discuss their talent, their notable recent success (or should that be not able?) and their hopes for achieving new highs with their next production. Watch in awe as they ease through a rehearsal and then peak with a performance like no other.


Scroll down for photos, cast and crew.

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Happy Birthday Me Production Team
Freda Deacon: Margaret Yarham Producer: Derek Welch
Mrs. Kidd: Jane Hodson Stage Manager: Derek Welch
Margo Buchanan: Val Pinkham Crew: Tracey Barham and Gabbi Sillard
Sadie Croft: Amy Knight Poster and Programme: James Travers
Lady Jane Buchanan: Imogen Bruce Publicity Photography: Ben Britton
Sir Leo Buchanan: David Bull Set: Kees Van Woerkom
Kissogram: Dominic Pinkham  
Graham Latimer: Derek Bull  
Director: Tim Travers  
Prompt: Sarah Westlake  
Last Panto in Little Grimley  
Joyce: Miriam Welch  
Gordon: Tim Travers  
Margaret: Sarah Westlake  
Bernard: Glyn Sloman  
Director: Hazel Randall  
Prompt: Guy Bartle  
ASM: Amy Knight  
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