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Robin and the Sheriff: December 2017

By Helen Simmons

'Robin and the Sheriff' programme cover

A tale of love and loss, of good versus evil in this pantomime adventure with Robin Hood and his merry men. Audiences joined the fearless Marian and a host of Briston villagers as they encountered the evil Sheriff of Sheringham, filling his coffers as he taxed the local poor.

With a healthy - if not always competent - pair of fairy folk, everyone was in for a hilarious tale with lots of twists and turns, in the hope of some 'happily ever afters'!


Scroll down for cast and crew.

Cast in order of appearance Backstage
Little John: Glyn Sloman Directors: Helen Simmons & Tim Travers
Friar Tuck: Tim Travers Set design: Sandi Westward, Yvonne Fulker & Lyn Reid
Will Scarlet: James Ramsay Sound & lighting: Malcolm Barham
Robin Hood: Amy Knight Stage Manager: Yvonne Fulker
Maid Marian: Rosie Gilding Prompt: Joan Denton & Louise Gilding
Joan (Marian’s Maid): Allyson Crawford Music: Jane Laband
Sheriff of Sheringham: Dominic Pinkham Costumes: Players' Wardrobe
Page: Charlize Sillard Backstage Crew: Lyn Reid & Helen Simmons
Stu: Phoebe Challinor Health & Safety: Helen Simmons
Pid: Autumn Gilding-Hewitt Publicity: Hannah Jackson, Lee Rix & Helen Simmons
Evil Twin: Val Pinkham Bar & Refreshments: Friends & members
Lizzie: Sasha Sillard  
Mother: Tracey Barham  
Mary: Isabelle Gillard  
Baker: Barbara Knowles  
Peter: Hannah Fletcher  
Alan: Jessica Gould  
Lady Stodgy: Hazel Randall  
Verity Stodgy: Sydney Stephenson  
Good Twin: Suzanne Challinor  
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