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Steaming: April 2010

By Nell Dunn

'Steaming' programme cover

This is a story of a group of women overcoming several obstacles by helping each other out, even if that means just listening. Seven different women whose backgrounds are filled in by flashbacks and narration are together in a steambath on ladies' day.

Violet is the maternal manager of the steambath, and one of the issues to be resolved is to save the bath from being shut down by the authorities. Nancy is suddenly a single mother of three after being deserted by her husband. Her good friend Sarah has neither children nor husband, even an ex-husband, yet she can empathize with Nancy's increasing loneliness. Josie is an outgoing, talkative woman whose sex life is her main interest at the moment, and other women include a somewhat reserved mother-and-daughter duo. Personal traumas are revealed and shared, and a plan to save the steambath is also cooked up.


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Cast Backstage
Violet: Alison Bonnington Director: Derek Bull
Josie: Michelle Warner Stage Manager: David Bonnington
Dawn: Linda Clements Assistant Stage Manager: David Starling
Mrs. Meadows: Val Bull Props: Nigel Manson
Nancy: Melissa Colin Prompt: Joyce Harvey
Jane: Hazel Randall Set and Design: David Bonnington
Bill: David Starling Make-Up: June Cooper
  Costumes: Libby Henshaw
  Photographs: Eric Brickles
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