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One O'Clock from the House: June 2010

By Frank Vickery

'One O'Clock from the House' programme cover

Newspaper Review

It's a funeral, a sombre occasion and the family gathers to pay its repects to a recently deceased father. Filial "grief" fills the room.

Cue laughter. For this dysfunctional group include a wellington-clad cook who bakes almondless almond cakes, a relative who brings a shopping trolley called Rover and a sister who's a happy inmate of a psychiatric home. What must poor old dad have gone through? It's little wonder, then, that the old boy managed to have the last laugh - with a posthumous joke on three of his daughters.

This is a large cast, with seven women and five men, so enough characters to give each player a satisfying role.

Carol Squires covers the happy inmate with a delightful quirkiness while David Starling as beleagured husband Austin and Greg Pope as the wellie-booted Tudor, play it with well-timed understatement. There were fun cameos too from Brenda Williams, Stuart MacInnes and Nick Bird. Welsh playright Frank Vickery is known for his unique black humour and trademark one-liners and this play, directed by Nigel Manson, is considered on of his most famous comedies. But you don't need to be Welsh to enjoy it.

Patrick Prekopp


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Cast (in order of appearance) Backstage
Miriam: Serena Cain Director/ Producer: Nigel Manson
Josey: Sapphire Cain Stage Manager: Cherl MacInnes
Austin: David Starling Set and Design: Kees Van Woerkom
Tudor: Greg Pope Props: Janet Lawrence, Gwynneth Starling
Margaret: Janette Davidson Prompt: Joan Spall, Helen Sawyer
Maureen: Bernie Alexandrou Photos: Ben Britton
Mavis: Carol Squires / Lorraine Pope Assistant to Director/Backstage: Damien Hagarty
Avril: Brenda Williams Rehearsal Stand-in/Backstage: Sara Russell
Mansell: Stewart MacInnes  
Desmond: Carl Denis  
Hugh: Nick Bird  
Warden: June Cooper  
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