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Gaslight: October 2002

By Patrick Hamilton

'Gaslight' programme cover

It is London in late Victorian England. The scene is set on the first floor of a four-storied house in a gloomy and unfashionable quarter of the City. Late afternoon is Zero Hour, before the feeble dawn of gaslight and tea.

Like the winter mist that creeps in from the River Thames, so Jack Manningham exerts his Svengali power over his unsuspecting wife, Bella. Caught in Jack's web of deceit, her sanity is crumbling like the fabric of her marriage. Bella rides an emotional roller coaster.

Enter ex-Detective Rough whose sudden arrival twists the plot into a world of deep horror for Bella. The ever stalwart Rough guides her from the brink of real madness towards the harsh reality that Jack, like a thief in the night, is not all that he seems. And as the gaslight ebbs and flows with each entrance and exit of an unknown intruder in the rooms above, a new light dawns in Bella’s mind.


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Cast Backstage
Mrs. Manningham: Alison Burns Director: Jennifer Campbell
Mr. Manningham: Kees Van Woerkom Stage Manager: Gerry Francis
Ex-Detective Rough: Carl Denis Set: Kees Van Woerkom
Elizabeth: Joan Spall Props: Susan Knights, Angie Maddigan
Nancy: Bernie Alexandrou Prompt: Sarah Westlake
Policeman: Colin Prentice Lighting and Effects: Jonathan Emery
  Publicity and Photographs: Ben Britton
  Artwork: Alex Vincent Spall
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