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On The Razzle: March 1994

By Tom Stoppard

'On The Razzle' programme cover

Stoppard’s farce is a free adaptation of a 19th century comedy that provided the plot for Hello, Dolly! via The Merchant of Yonkers, and The Matchmaker.

So its pedigree is already well-established but what Stoppard does is embellish it with his own brand of wit, tortured double-entendres and puns, thus preserving good, old-fashioned entertainment but with a modern - albeit 1980s - silliness.

Set in 1910, it tells how two grocery store assistants, Christopher and Weinberl, decide to go “on the razzle” to Vienna while their boss, Herr Zangler, is away – also in Vienna.

In one day they manage to go from humble shop workers to landed gentry to Don Juans. The subsequent frantic frolics are exacerbated by the elopement of Zangler’s niece Marie and her ne’er-do-well suitor, Sonders.


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Cast Backstage
Weinberl: Ted Moore Producer: Peggy Francis
Christopher: Graham Mundy Stage Manager: Kees Van Woerkom
Gertrud: Sue Knights Photos; Ben Britton
Zangler: Malcolm Poore  
Sonders: Jamie Leeson  
Marie: Zita Holman  
Foreigner: Kees Van Woerkom  
Melchior: Sally Parkinson  
Hupfer: Freddy Strong  
Philippine: Emma Pigott  
Frau Fisher: Janet Kelly  
Madame Knorr: Sally Strong  
Italian Waiter: Ben Britton  
Second Waiter: David Gooch  
Coachman: Neil Batchelor  
German Couple: Kees Van Woerkom, Sue Knights  
Constable: Peter Thrower  
Fraulein Blumenblatt: Joan Spall  
Lisette: Kirsty O'Leary  
Ragamuffin: Peter Thorogate  
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