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Strike Happy: March 1973

By Duncan Greenwood

'Strike Happy' programme cover

A comedy of errors centring around the home of union member Albert Helliwell, lazing at home while his factory is on strike.

After he decides to take in lodgers to supplement their income, his wife declares strike action herself and moves out, leaving Albert to cope with the arrival of glamorous variety actress Mrs. Flannel and her daughter, who get rather too comfortable in the Helliwell home.


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Cast (in order of appearance) Backstage
Clara Helliwell: Edna Jenkins Producer: Frances Bethell
Elsie Helliwell, Clara's daughter: Gail McKail Set Design / Stage Manager: Ronald Lea
Albert Helliwall, Clara's husband: Hugh Shewell Stage Assistants: Donald Grand, Judie Gould, Sandra Kastner
George Segar, Elsie's fiance: George Edwards Lighting and Sound Effects: John Avery
Benjamin Tapeworth, Civil Servant: Christopher Lea  
Mrs. Flannel: ex-variety actress: Catherine Gould  
Rosie Flannel: Pauline Page  
Yvonne: Aviss Swanson  
Estelle: Kathryn Turner  
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