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Jack & The Beanstalk... a panto!: December 2023

'Jack & The Beanstalk... a panto!' programme cover

'Jack & The Beanstalk... a panto! by Hannah Jackson

Young Jack is down on his luck. His beloved home of Briston is being terrorised by a very hungry giant, he's in love with a girl who is out of his league and the rent is due! Can he make enough money at the local yard sale, or will he be forced to sell his last cow? Cue a magical fairy, a dodgy deal and an enormous beanstalk!

Can Jack save the girl, rescue the Kingdom and live happily ever after? Our scene is set for some much-needed pantomine fun!


Scroll down for photos, cast and crew.

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Cast in order of appearance Production Team
Witch Whey: Vince Laws Writer and Producer: Hannah Jackson
Angel Delight: Hannah Jackson Director: Valerie Pinkham
Giant: Vince Laws Sound: Malcolm Barham
Dame Trott: Dorcas Henderson Light: Lee Rix
Billy: Dominic Pinkham Graphic Design: Emily Buchanan
Jack: Stacey Butcher Set Design and Props: Vince Laws
King of Holt: Norman Johnson Costume: Gill Golding
Princess Jill: Rachel Hall Stage Manager: Valerie Pinkham
Queen of Holt: Florence Street Prompt: Gill Golding
Daisy: Hector van der Louw and Ruth van der Louw Front of House Manager: Imogen Bruce, Jackie Spode and Sue Spurling
Fiona: Lyn Wiles Bar and Refreshments: Members and Friends
Special guest: Mick Golding  
Dancers courtesy of the Sutton School of Dancing Many thanks to H.V. Graves for their kind and generous raffle prizes
Choreography by Louise Gilding  
Site by Guy Bartle Creative Media Services

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