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Why Me?: March 2011

By Stanley Price

'Why Me?' programme cover

John Bailey returns to his South London home a member of the "over three million club" and bitter recipient of a "tarnished chrome" handshake. In the course of the ensuing summer he struggles bravely with job rejections; loss of dignity in the face of his wife Helen's hugely successful pizza business; an adulterous affair with the next door neighbour; the incipient break up of his marriage; the shattering revelation that his teenage son is a transvestite rock musician; and repeated forays into his living-room by his mother-in-law who refuses to stay in her adjoining granny flat. He finds comfort in the Book of Job, seeing it as a parable for the recession and, eventually, like his biblical counterpart, the ending is a happy one. He is united with Helen, both in marriage, once again, and in a rather tasty new business venture!


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Cast Backstage
John Bailey: Matthew Warrington Directors Producers: David Starling, Greg Pope
Helen Bailey, his wife: Jo Kirk Stage Manager: Noel Spruce
Mary Ferguson, her mother: Robin Spruce Assistant Stage David Bull
Arthur Hollis, a neighbour: Tim Travers Props: Sara Russell, Janet Lawrence, Gwynneth Starling
Gwen Hollis, his wife: Hazel Randall Prompt: Bernice Escott
Tom Bailey, the Baileys' son: James Sadler Set and Design: Kees Van Woerkom, David Bull, Alex Jones
  Photographs: Ben Britton
  Costumes: Moya Leighton
  Poster and Programme: Kees Van Woerkom, Greg Pope
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