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Friends And Neighbours: June 1980

By Austin Steele

'Friends And Neighbours' programme cover

Newspaper review

Full marks for accents in play

"Friends and Neighbours" can't be the easiest play to present. The actors who don't have to wrestle with a Lancashire accent have to tackle a Russian one instead.

Sheringham Players opened a five night run of the Austin Steele comedy at the Little Theatre. It is a simple plot. Lily and Albert Grimshaw, played by Joan Spall and Paddy Corden, play hosts to two Russians (Chris Lea and Sandy Roper).

Causing chaos throughout is Sebastian (Ned Seago) boyfriend of the Grimshaws' daughter. Susan (Sue Dickens).

Neighbours Doris and Wilf Holmes (Dot Swift and John Meikle) pop in from time to time. The husbands are hen-pecked, the Russians are dead-pan until loosened up by vodka, and gormless Sebastian is a caricature of someone we all know.

Frances Bethell's well-rehearsed production ran fairly smoothly on the opening night. The Sheringham Players have treated a pleasant play in a charming way. And full marks for-the accents!



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Cast Backstage
Doris Holmes: Dot Swift Producer: Frances Bethell
Lily Grimshaw: Joan Spall Stage Manager and Set Design: Ned Seago
Susan Grimshaw, Lily's daughter: Sue Dickens Assistants: Karen Cross, Sue Potter, Eve Turner
Albert Grimshaw, Lily's husband: Paddy Corden Electrician: John Avery
Wilf Holmes, Doris' Husband: John Meikle  
Sebastian Green: Ned Seago  
Vladimir Previtch: Chris Lea  
Petri Garanakdva: Sandy Roper  
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