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Deadly Record: December 1976

By Nina Warner Hooke

'Deadly Record' programme cover

Trevor arrives home from a business trip to America. He finds that his wife, Jenny has gone away for the weekend taking the car. He goes to bed and next morning a policeman arrives - the car had failed to stop after a minor accident.

Trevor and the policeman go to the garage there they find the car and Jenny with a knife in her back.


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Cast Backstage
Mrs. Macgillivray: Catherine Gould Producer: Frances Bethell
Trevor Hamilton: Ned Seago Set Designer and Manager: Don Grand
Police Constable Hobbs: Andrew Dick Assistants: Judie Gould, Eric Swift, Ned Seago, Eve Turner
Roberta Hudson: Sandy Roper Electrician and Sound Effects: John Avery
Detective Superintendent Ambrose: Fred Leonard  
Detective Sergeant Carter: John Meikle  
An Garfield: June Cooper  
Mrs. Pape: Peggy de Renzi  
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