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The Peaceful Inn: October 1970

By Denis Ogden

'The Peaceful Inn' programme cover

Newspaper review

Entertaining production at Sheringham

Time stands still at an inn on Dartmoor and an assorted group of travellers get the chance to have a new look at themselves.

This is the premise of "The Peaceful Inn", a presentation by the Sheringham Players which opened at, the Little Theatre last night. It provided opportunities for interesting character studies which were used to full advan­tage by ail able cast.

There were well-acted dramatic moments by Fred Leonard, Geoff Pickles, Pauline Page, John Meikle, Diana Pickles, John Peacock, Pauline Shewell, Mary Chapman and George Edwards. Producer June Cooper set just the right pace and the drama unfolded smoothly. Albert Cooper's settings evoked the right atmosphere.

The entertainment provides a well-spent night out. It is on again tonight and tomorrow.

W. D.


Scroll down for cast and crew.

Cast (in order of appearance) Backstage
Boots: Fred Leonard Producer: June Cooper
Hatlock: Geoff Pickles Stage Managers: Albert Cooper, Judie Gould
Marian Fisher: Pauline Page Assistants: John Meikle, Eve Turner
Norman Fisher : John Meikle Lighting and Sound Effects: Philip Handford-Rice, John Avery
Joanna Spring : Diana Pickles  
Alan Harper: John Peacock  
Frances Courtenay: Pauline Shewell  
Meredith: Mary Chapman  
Williams: George Edwards  
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